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    Seeking request by Etla Gottesdiener at the Stuttgart Consulate in 1939

    David Findling Newbie

      All: How might I locate an immigration request made by my grandmother, Etla Gottesdiener ("Etla") at the Stuttgart Consulate? Etla was murdered in the gas chamber at Auschwitz on the day she arrived, August 1, 1943. My grandfather, David Findling, for whom I am named, was shot in a forest outside of his hometown, Frysztak, Poland. On April 26, 1939, Etla was in Brussels, Belgium. My grandfather had been deported from Cologne to Zbaszyn, a refugee camp for Jews of Polish nationality, who were expelled from Germany. My father and his brothers were in an orphanage because Etla could not care for them. She sent a letter to the head of Public Safety (attached). As translated, she stated:


      Mister Administrator

      of Public Safety,

      4, Place Poelaert,





      I, the undersigned, GOTTESDIENER Etla, wife of FINDLING D. allow me to assert myself to your kindness for an extension of my roadmap which I received during my registration on the register of foreigners in Antwerp under N.1077 / 63 / 261.123 and whose validity falls on May 5 pr .


      I would like to point out the following to you; Being of Polish nationality, but without a valid passport and having lived 20 years in Germany, I was expelled from this country in March ec. I wanted to go to Poland, but the Polish authorities prohibited me from entering my native country. I then took refuge in Belgium.


      Regarding my emigration, I registered at the American Consulate in Stuttgart for my departure to the United States. I therefore ask you to authorize me to wait in Belgium for my final departure to the United States.


      By thanking you in advance, please accept, Sir, the assurance of my highest consideration.


      E. Gottesdeiner



      It is my hope to locate the immigration request at the Stuttgart consulate, and any attendant documents, which my grandmother submitted. I haven't had any success getting past the different archives which might house the information I seek. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


      David Findling

      P.S. I also made a genealogy request on December 16, 2020 and today received a response which was a dead end: