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    How to Remove Adhesive from Photo Albums on Black Paper

    Stacy Dietzler Adventurer

      Hello - I recently obtained my late father's family photo album from the late 1800's - 1930 which is falling apart where the black paper is disintegrating. I'm currently in the process of removing the photos and cabinet cards and putting them in an acid-free album.  There are photos and card with handwriting on the back which can possibly help me find out more clues about my family and to help assist with for my dual citizenship quest.


      What is the best way to remove the adhesive and the paper without damaging the photo and handwriting? I tried use warm water and a cotton swab which help with the first layer of paper but it has become so labor intensive and it's doesn't seem like the best way. I also read about using a hair dryer which would be even more tedious. I just ordered a micro spatula to help with the removal of the photos as I was using a blunt plastic peanut butter spreader. I am willing to put the time into my exciting project however, there must be a better way. Thanks in advance for your help!