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    Seeking Civil War records of George Butler and HB Andrews

    Theresa Mayfield Wayfarer

      Hello, I am looking for information on two civil war soldiers.


      1.  George Washington Butler - Part of Debray's 26th Texas Cavalry.  He takes part in the Red River Campaign  of April 1864.  He is wounded April 9th and at some and ends up at Lands End Plantation in the De Soto Parish in LA to recover.  He eventually is sent back to Texas.  I would like to find his orders upon going back to Texas. History says he was put in charge of a slave labor camp on Clear Creek.  We are trying to verify the name of the camp which will help us verify the location.  I do know that in Dec of 1864 his bullet is extracted and he is given 60 days leave. He is then reinstated in March 1865.  Since he is wounded, he is not active duty and that is why he is placed in charge of the camp.  We believe.


      2.  Henry Barclay Andrews (Henry B; Capt. H. B. Andrews).  At one point he is part of Cook's Coastal Rangers.  He is also under Capt? Col? Menard as well.  However, in Feb 1863 he is court martialed (Q. 1:  need to determine why), but in June/July 1863 is placed under General Magruder as staff and is put in charge as Chief of the Labor Bureau.  His job is to impress slaves for the war effort.  Andrews had a camp on Clear Creek and we need to verify if possible if impressed slaves were kept at this location, and that it is the same camp Butler is sent to after he is wounded).


      I am working with a team researching information on the Emancipation Trail Feasibility Study.  In June 1865, slaves are notified in Galveston that they are free 2 1/2 years after the Emancipation Proclamation.  The freedmen then travel to Houston spreading the news.  This camp, along with Butler and Andrews, played a role.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.