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    Seeking roles the Steamship Fulton & Schooner JW Allen played

    Charles Webster Wayfarer

      How can I determine what ships were contracted for federal service during the Civil War? I'm am trying to find out what roles the Steamship Fulton and Schooner J.W. Allen played during the war. There is some minor anecdotal evidence that Fulton and All made at least one trip to Port Royal, SC in summer 1863 carrying cargo from the West Point Foundry (WPF) in Cold Springs, NY. I find mention of Fulton making regular trips between New York City and Port Royal transporting passengers and cargo, but no documentary evidence of the ship being contracted as a war transport. I find scant reference to the J.W. Allen outside of a passing reminiscence in a book about it playing a role in transporting ordinance from WPF. I would prefer to land on some documentary evidence to prove these "reminiscences" at best. I have never had to venture after this type of information before so not really keyed into what RG should be my focus. I've looked and just gotten more confused. Would these contracts be with the Navy? War Department? Quartermaster Department? Any advice?