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    How to find WW2 unit After-Action Reports

    Autumn Hendrickson Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I am hoping to make a trip to College Park sometime in the next year or so. I'm primarily searching for various unit after action reports. The big issue that I've run into is that I cannot find a consistent name for a record group that these records are contained in.

      In the searching I've done on my own, I've found a few different record names that sound like they could be After-Action Reports but since these don't have any index that I could find, I have no way of confirming or denying that suspicion.


      Additionally, if one of you is able to provide me with the name of the record group that contains After-Action Reports, how am I supposed to go about requesting different pulls if there is no index for me to use to find where the reports I need are within the record group?


      I'm sorry if this question is wordy. I'm having a hard time expressing my thoughts. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!