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    What's your best review tip? Your best review find?

    Lauren Algee Tracker

      As part of our August 2021 Review Month, we want to hear from YOU!

      We're starting this thread as a place to share your review tips, interesting stories, characters, or tid-bits you've noticed while reviewing for By the People. At the end of the month, we'll compile your observations and stories in a blog post that we'll publish jointly with the Smithsonian Transcription Center.

      We know there are lots of seasoned reviewers here on History Hub. So let's hear it!!


      • What is one tip would you share with a newbie?
      • What's something cool you've discovered as a reviewer?
      • Why do you choose to review?
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          Henry Rosenberg Navigator

          The most interesting part of this project is how much I have learned about the history of racism and the struggle for Women's rights.


          The following pages were from Mary Church Terrell's diary and describe an incident on a streetcar where she is called the "N" word and how she handled it.








          I have a list of tips that I hope will not be overwhelming. Some are tips and some are reminders.




          Tips for LOC Transcription


          1. Follow the format of the page with line breaks as written. It makes it easier for others to review. And leave at least 2-3 lines between pages.
          2. Do not forget to add the LOC page numbers at the bottom of the page.
          3. Reread the page you are working on. Sometimes you will catch errors or misspellings. In handwritten pages, words like “my” and “any”, “me” and “we”, “one” and “me” tend to be confused. If you reread you will catch the mistake within the context of the sentence.
          4. Transcribe left page first regardless of the order of the documents. Many times the first page of a letter is on the right page. Transcribe the left side first anyway.
          5. When something is in brackets, like [04] you need to rewrite it as [*[04]*] because brackets by themselves indicate a deletion.
          6. Do not submit pages that are not complete. Just hit save and they will be considered “in progress”. Many people like to tackle those.
          7. Many writers do not cross their “T’s” so sometimes those letters can be confused with “L’s”. Also, 18th century writers used long esses when writing words with double esses. If you see what appears to be an “F” followed by and “S” it is probably a double “S”.
          8. If you see a page where one of the entries is cut off on the margins, check the previous and following pages. Occasionally the LOC scans the same pages twice but cuts off part of one page to get the other scanned. Copy the complete version of the page and paste it where the partial page is.
          9. Ignore underlinings or italics. Just write the word. Also, if there is shorthand just note it as a tag.


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            Henry Rosenberg Navigator

            Another tip:

            If you see a document with letterhead, copy it and paste it to a word file where you can retrieve it if you come across it again. I have a folder on my desktop with 675 files of letterhead. It has saved me numerous times and forces you to only do the letterhead once. Also, please do the letterhead. If you don't someone else will have to do it. A ridiculously long letterhead takes about 10-15 minutes to do and hey, what else were you going to be doing?



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              Dorothy Shea Adventurer

              I also find it helpful to do a little bit of research on the person. There are many women in the suffrage movement that I’ve never heard of before. It helps to have some context when trying to decipher handwriting.


              Besides learning about these women from across the U.S. and Britain, I’ve been fascinated by the anti-suffrage arguments presented here. Each state had an association. There was a lot of copying and pasting going on in their pamphlets. Then each state put their own twist on why women should not be allowed the vote.

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                  Henry Rosenberg Navigator

                  Plus, the research familiarizes you with the person so it makes it easier to figure out the context of what they are writing and if handwriting is bad, exactly who or what they are talking about. When I was doing Mary Church Terrell, I read her husband's name was Robert but she called him Berto. Later, Berto would come up frequently in her letters and even though her handwriting was terrible, I was confident that was what she was writing.