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    Looking for records of Good Shepherd Convent in Wheeling

    Jackie Byler Wayfarer

      I am looking for records for Good Shepherd Convent in Wheeling WV. I believe my Mother, Margaret Fallon's sister was there in 1930 and we are searching for their parents names. Researching my Mothers side of the family I believe her sister was  in the Good Shepherd Covenant in Wheeling WV in 1930. A letter from 1930 indicates a Judge King removed her from her mother's care. My mother had been placed in an Amish Mennonite home in MD & the records there have no parents names listed. That was in 1929.  It looks like the Sisters operated a home for at risk girls during this time frame in Wheeling WV thru the St Joseph Catholic Church.  Any direction you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you