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    Seeking information about Northern Pacific Railroad land sales

    Joseph Pentheroudakis Wayfarer

      In my research I've come across contracts to settlers of land granted to the Northern Pacific Railroad. I'm looking at a 10-year contract from 1890 for 51.60 acres in Washington state's King County. In it the NPRR requires the buyer to actually settle on and cultivate the land, much like the Homestead Act of 1862 did. If the buyer failed to provide proof of that to the railroad's General Land Agent annually for three years, the price per acre would go up by an amount specified in the contract.  I've read the 1864 NPRR charter, esp. Sections 3-6, but I don't see that requirement anywhere. (The charter, published in 1865, is available on Google Books). Thanks!

      Addendum: someone suggested that perhaps the railroad wanted buyers close to the line to actually settle there, to provide business for the railroad, transportation etc. That makes sense to me. Was that perhaps the reason?