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    How to find my husband's great great grandmother?

    Marilyn Henderson Newbie

      How do I find either a birth record or a census record of my husbands great great grandmother who was said to be 100% Cherokee Indian.  I have looked at just about everything I could find regarding the Indian census but have come to an end.  She was born 1840 in Lebanon, Russell Co., VA and she definitely has all the features of Indian blood.  I only have the name of her father, which is John Price and her mother's name unknown.  It seems there are no birth records prior to 1850 and there are so many Susie/Susan's Price's in the Indian scrolls that without her mother's name it is almost impossible for me to even get a close connection as to where to look.  Without being able to get her birth certificate, which maybe there never was one, I don't know what else or where I can possibly look.  I'm trying to find proof that if she truely was 100% Cherokee, that my husband then, is at least 1/16th. I've been interested in doing our family genealogy for years and this particular ancestor really has me stumped. Do you have any suggestions as to where I might be able to find her birth record or if she was listed on an Indian census roll? Thank you for any help you may be able to help me with.

      Marilyn Henderson