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    Who is Cornelia (Preston/Presson)?

    Donna DeMarco Newbie

      Who is Cornelia (Preston/Presson) born about 1837 in Tennessee, mother of William Hubbard McDonald? I have been at a 5 yr brick wall as a intermediate family tree. Cornelia Preston is listed as Mother of William Hubbard McDonald on His death certificate in March of 1941. She is listed on the death certificate of her son along with his father W.H McDonald (? her husband?). Neither Cornelia or William Sr can be found mentioned anywhere else. Complete mystery. All other major tree and sites have dead ended on them. I fear considering the son was born in 1865 that there may have been a civil war tragedy? My Ancestry tree is a McDonald or seek and you shall find. I would so appreciate any assistance. Also, in our dna tests we have matches to Preston and Presson surnames?

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