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    25th Field Hospital in the CBI Theater WWII, British V Force and Detachment 101


      I am searching for information on Warren Johnson McNabb who served with the 25th Field Hospital in Burma in WWII.  He may also been involved with the British V Force or Detachment 101, probably as a field medic or surgical assistant.  He enlisted in the Army in 1943 and did basic training in Camp Barkeley, Texas and then went to Camp Breckenridge in KY for further training and attachment with the 25th.  He left Los Angeles on September 7, 1943 for India and served most of this time in Burma.  His time in Indian and Burma (1943-1945) is my mystery.  I am looking for anything associated with the 25th Field Hospital, especially anything containing his name. I have maps,  photos, original copies of several orders and notes, but can't seem to put two and two together.  I requested his military records from St. Louis, but apparently all of his records prior to 1978 were lost in a fire.