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    Seeking military record from 1910-1913 for Frank Collins, 7th Cavalry.

    Colm McHugh Wayfarer

      Hi I'm seeking military records for Frank Collins, 7th Cavalry 1910-1913. He was my grand-uncle.


      Enlisted Dec, 23, 1910

      Ft. Slocum, NY

      Regiment {1/ 13 Cav.} {2/. 7 Cav. (E?)}

      Discharged Dec, 22, 1913

      Ft. McDowell, Calif.


      So it seems he was in 13th Cav. (briefly?) at the start of his enlistment then in 7th Cav.



      If his Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) is available what is the best way to request a digital copy?


      Also, my current understanding is that the 7th Cav may have been overseas (in the Philippines) around this time. Are there any articles or publications with information relating to the 7th Cav (or 13th Cav.) during the period he was enlisted?


      Thanks for any assistance!