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    Philippines scout


      How to get  DD214 of my Dad a wwIIvet? How get life insurance?how to get ssn? How to get military medal,dogtag?how to get certicate of coldwar?presidential certification of America and other benefit of America my Dad was former USAFFFE member during wwII in Philippines.?when Philippines commanwealth of united states under tydyingmcdofie law as an act of united states Congress

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          Why you dont post my question that is my problem

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              Cara Moore Lebonick Adventurer

              Dear Mr. Barraquias,


              Thank you for posting your question to History Hub. We apologize in the delay in getting to your inquiry. The delay was due to a glitch in the system that sent some questions in a bit of a loop.


              In order to request all of the documents related to your father’s American military service please complete a SF180 and mail it in to the address shown. Be sure to indicate on the SF180 that you wish to receive a complete set of documents including the various certifications and medals allotted. If you’d like to receive recreations of physical items you will need to send in the materials received from his military service records to his respective branch of service, i.e. the Army.


              In order to receive any benefits related to your father’s military service please contact the Veteran’s Administration.


              I hope this aids you in your search and, again, apologize for the delay in addressing your questions.



              Cara Moore

              National Archives at St. Louis


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