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    Seeking location & death records of Asa Emmons

    Joan Pratt Newbie

      Can you follow pension checks to location? I am looking for the location and death of a Civil War veteran. He is my gggrandfather who abandoned his family. My grandmother indicated in letters that he went kind of crazy after the war and being held prisoner at Andersonville Prison. We have confirmation of his time there and many records of his time in several military hospitals after discharge. The last pension check he received may indicate where he died. This is needed as the final step to proving our relationship to the Mayflower. My brother wishes to apply for this honor and he is 78 years old and I am trying to fulfill his dream.  My Civil War vet. was Asa Emmons out of Ohio, Infantry 75th Reg, Co G & K.


      Thank you for any information and your time in responding,


      Joan Pratt

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          Elliot Schneider Ranger



          Joan since he died


          Here is some additional information below Here is where he is buried.https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/93313465/a-c-emmons


          Asa Father was also named Asa here is where is father is buried.https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/43679732/asa-emmons



          Pension Record:







          Marriage records: Look at the very bottom.








          National Home records:

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              Joan Pratt Newbie

              Hi Elliot:

              Thank you so much for your research of my issue. I do have most of the information that you sent and appreciate your time. The marriage record is interesting and I will follow up on that information. His wife was Judith who divorced him after he abanded them on a wagon train trip from Kansas to Oklahoma in 1902. He had a cousin that was also named Asa, no middle name, that was born one year earlier than my Asa.

              This is certainly a mystery and again I appreciate you time. Thank You

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              Hannah Reynolds Wayfarer

              Dear Ms. Pratt,

              Thank you for posting your request to History Hub!


              The majority of Civil War pension files in the Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs (Record Group 15) are in the custody of the National Archives at Washington, DC - Textual Reference (RDT1). To request a search and order copies of military pension application files based on Federal (not State or Confederate) service during the Civil War, please complete a NATF Form 85 and mail it to the address on the form.


              Civil War Pension Index Cards – An Index to Pension Applications of veterans who served in the U.S. Army between 1861 and 1917 is available on FamilySearch. Each card gives the soldier’s name, application and certificate numbers, and state of enlistment; it might include rank and death information. Most records are of Civil War veterans, but the collection also includes records for veterans of the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, the Indian Wars, and World War I. Here is more information on Union pension records from FamilySearch.


              We hope you have found this information helpful. Best of luck to your family research!

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                Alice Lane Pioneer

                Hi Joan,

                Welcome to History Hub,

                I found the following pension record on fold3.com. I do not have a subscription to the site.

                You can get a free trial if you wish to see more. On this card (at the bottom) it states that Asa Emmons

                died in the year 1886.  Can not make out what is written to the left of the date of death.

                It also has the application number and certificate number. Hope this helps


                Also found a family tree on familysearch.org...you need to register an account on familysearch.

                Website is free to search.

                Asa Emmons (1837–1886) | Person | Family Tree | FamilySearch

                Alice Lane

                Research Volunteer



                Company G › Emmons, Asa - Fold3.com

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                    Joan Pratt Newbie

                    HI Alice:


                    I wanted to thank you for your time and effort in regard to my search. I did have a copy of the card you forwarded but have questions regarding the date of death as we have him alive and traveling with his family from Kansas to Oklahoma in 1902. This is shown in a diary kept by his sons daughter. He abanded the family during that trip. I also think that the Asa's in his family is confused as he had a cousin of the same name, no middle initial, born only one year apart. It's really confusing and hard to prove.


                    Thanks again for your time and effort.