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    Seeking records of 10th Air Defense Artillery Group

    bret spencer Newbie

      I need a record of unit on-going issues of the 10th Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Group in Darmstadt, Germany during the summer of 1979.  During this summer I defended the WACs who lived above us. Two soldiers showed up one evening at about 19:00 and proceeded to fight and pound my head mercilessly during which event I lost my already loosened and tender septum.  Because of the on-going unit politics at that time, 1SG Desantis asked me not to go to sick call at a neighboring post that morning. I did go to the medic unit back in Ansbach on my own time, but again my records show nothing of this.  I have suffered with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) for some many years and I need to show this situation in the unit.   Can you please help to locate evidence of this?  I can remember the commanders and other responsible persons, including the soldiers that came over and pounded me.  Please let me know what we can do to finally get verification regarding this.  Thanks kindly.