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    Seeking naturalization and/or adoption in 1968

    Naomi Tate Newbie

      My mom is originally from Belize, raised by her grandmother. When my mom was 16 there was a hurricane that took her grandmother's life and made her move to the US with her mother and step-father. Both her mother and step-father are also from Belize originally but had already been Naturalized at this time. When arriving in Pixley, CA, my mom says that she went to the Immigration office with her mother and step-father. She says that she was in the front part of the office, her mother and step-father in the office talking for a long time. When they all came out, they handed her an Alien card AND a Social Security card. The man from the office told her to keep the Alien card on her at all times, and the social security card had her step-father's last name on the card. There was no mention of adoption her entire life. She is now at the age of retirement, and we can not seem to find any paperwork linking her birth certificate name to the name on her social and immigration can not seem to help. Immigration has told my mom they can not hand out social security cards, and we can not get anywhere. How can I look up this information to at least understand the process at that time? For additional information, I can find her step-father's immigration record... I cannot find her mother's or hers.