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    Transcribing website print outs

    Veronica Beaudry Wayfarer

      How should I transcribe website printouts? Do I need to include all of the advertisement texts. I have been working on this PDF and would like to know if there is an official way it should be done? I have been trying to add that info in but find myself wondering if we should actually skip it. An example of what I wonder about is page 46.


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          National Archives Catalog Scout

          Thanks for your question.  I would suggest describing what the page is in brackets


          [printout from website Bartleby.com]


          Then think about what it the most important part of the page for researchers.  I suggest that you just transcribe the main text of the page.  Don't worry about tabs, ads, urls, etc.


          I hope that helps!



          Community Manager, National Archives Catalog