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    Transcribing forms

    John Chesnut Wayfarer

      In reading about transcribing forms on the training page, there seems to be little concern about formatting, most pertinent is getting the information in digital form. I was wondering if I should run Form question and answers horizontally to compress space, or if each question should have it's own line, i.e.:


      FORM QUESTION #1 : Answer  FORM QUESTION #2 Answer FORM QUESTION #3: Answer



      FORM QUESTION #1: Answer

      FORM QUESTION #2: Answer

      FORM QUESTION #3: Answer


      Could you tell me which would be preferred?


      Thank you,

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          National Archives Catalog Scout

          Thank you for your question.  Just as you mentioned, the goal of our transcription project is for searchability within the National Archives Catalog - so formatting is not critical.


          I suggest you transcribe in whichever way is easier for you.  Both being equal, think about which is easier for a user to read if they happen to look at the transcription.  For me, the second example would be easier to read.


          I hope this helps.



          Community Manager, National Archives Catalog

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