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    Seeking to download individual-level census data by Enumeration District

    cnc Newbie

      Hello everyone! I am looking to analyze some data from a town that spans three partial enumeration districts in the 1940 census and would like to pull all of the individual-level information (name, age, wages, rent, that kind of thing) into a single excel document for analysis. I have seen some aggregated data available through American Fact Finder, but the only solution I've come up with for this kind of individual level search is to copy/paste the indexed information from Family Search (which includes only the basics: name, age, etc.) into excel and then manually input the rest of the info on parent origin, rent, etc. As this is rather time consuming, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how best to approach this? In case it helps, the Enumeration Districts I want to pull are from Washington: 17-204, 17-205, ad 17-182.  Thank you!