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    Seeking identification of US DRAFT NO 117 tag

    Michelle DeLong Newbie

      I have found a small metal tag (I think brass) that printed on it is "U.S. DRAFT NO" and embossed into it is "117".  I cannot find any information on this anywhere.  I have tried many different places, such as the Smithsonian, National Archives, Cantigny (local military museum), Selective Services and Museum of Military History.  I can send out a picture (I don't see a way to attach to this message).  It's about 1-1/4" long and 3/8" tall.  Any information I can receive would be so very appreciated.  I was told to do "local research" and I did contact the closest military museum to me (Cantigny).  I have had family in WWI, WWII and the Civil War (all drafts), but they are no longer around.  I have spoken to a couple of my friends, who were in Vietnam, and they tell me that this is not from the Vietnam draft.  Again, any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated!  Thank you