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    Seeking records for Schmi(d)t & Jacobi/Jacobs ancestors

    Daniel Schmidt Newbie

      Dear all, Having apparently exhausted the options available on FamilySearch.org and a number of other sites, I'm looking for any of whom lived in western Pennsylvania during their time in the US. In particular, I am interested in my paternal grandfather's parents (who lived in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA):


      George Schmi(d)t

      Born in / around 1868 in Slavonia (from 1920 census) / Austria (from 1940 census) - Slavonia was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire at the time he was born, so this is not inconsistent; immigrated to the US in 1893? (from 1920 census), naturalized in 1916. According to my father, George was conscripted by the Prussian Army against his will and fled to the US, leaving behind a son named Henry. Not sure when / where he died.


      Theresa Schmi(d)t

      Born in / around 1871 in Slavonia (from 1920 census) / Austria (from 1940 census) - Slavonia was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire at the time she was born, immigrated to the US in 1895, was a resident alien according to the 1920 census and a naturalized citizen according to the 1940 census with George in both entries. Not sure when / where she died. Her maiden name is recorded on the marriage license of one of her sons as Debre (my father remembers it sounding like "Dupre(e)" - that is, du-PRAY - so de-BRAY is close).


      ...and my paternal grandmother's paternal grandparents (who lived in Clearfield Township, Cambria County, PA):


      Conrad Jacobs / Jacobi

      Born November 28, 1857 as Conrad Jacobi in Cransburg, Germany (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kransberg,+61250+Usingen,+Germany/) immigrated to the US in 1880 aboard the SS Braunschweig (from 1900 census / Castle Garden records); shows up in subsequent US census records (1900, 1910, 1920) as Conrad Jacobs; married on / around 1883 (from 1900 census); naturalized on September 20, 1913? (from re-entry records for his 1923 trip to Germany that is described next) or 1917 (from 1920 census), applied for a passport in 1923 and took the SS Mauretania that same year for a month-long trip to visit relatives in Bavaria. Not sure when / where he died.


      Mary Victoria Jacobs

      Born September 1, 1854 in Miltenberg, Germany (from Findagrave.com; this is the place: https://www.google.com/maps/place/63897+Miltenberg,+Germany/),  immigrated to the US in 1880 (from the 1900 census); shows up in 1900, 1910 and 1920 census records; married on / around 1883 (from 1900 census); naturalized in 1917 (from 1920 census). Died October 29, 1931 (from Findagrave.com).


      For the Schmidt branch of the family, my biggest issue is that going any further back is exceptionally difficult given how common the name is, not to mention the apparent destruction of any relevant Prussian military records from that time period at the end of WW[[ in George's case. There must be naturalization records at least, for instance, which might give me some additional details on them both - that would help, I would think.


      For the Jacobs branch of the family, I would like to know what became of Conrad (when / where he died), to locate his and Mary Victoria's naturalization papers, and to figure out when and how Mary Victoria came to the US and what her maiden name was / any records associated with her marriage to Conrad in the US (in Western PA, presumably) in / around 1883.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide!