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    Seeking records on Agriculture Education Films

    Jeff Bowers Newbie

      I am try to discover if there is any documentation of the 2 or 3 films my Grandmother, Helen Lucille Wight Bowers, participated in when she was in her late teens around 1920. She was born in 1903. These Education films were produced by the Department of Agriculture, from what I've been told by family members. I know two of the subjects of the films. One was about getting Farms to vaccinate their cows against TB, which was how TB was passed to humans. The second film was about trying to save Snowy Egrets, their feathers were used to produce elaborate Woman's Hats  of the time and the birds were being wiped out, threatened with extinction. We have one or two still pictures in the family as documentation of the films. We'd like to see if we can find any more documents about these films and any others she might have been performed in. Thanks!