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    Seeking records of Crocker Jones land sale in Berkshire Township, Ohio


      I need one thing only - I need proof that Crocker Jones (b.1750, Ridgefield, CT  D- Dec 27, 1839, Berkshire Township, Delaware Co, OH)) - (Buried Berkshire Cemetery, Berkshire Township, Delaware Co, OH) is the father of James Jones.   My husband and I have looked and looked and cannot find anything.  There is a lot of circumstantial evidence pointing to this fact.  See below.  We also know James bequeathed some land to his son, etc. but nothing has turned up yet showing definitively that Crocker and James are related.  If I get this proof, I can join the Mayflower Society this year- the 400th year of it setting sail and landing at Plymouth.  My ancestor on the Mayflower is Edward Jones and he is proven up to Crocker.  I can prove down to James but therein lies the missing link. 


      Circumstantial Evidence of Crocker being related to James:

      1) Both Crocker Jones and James Jones share the same surname.

      2) They both came from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania to Berkshire Township, Delaware County, Ohio

      3) They both took up residence in Berkshire Township about the same time (abt. 1818)

      4) Crocker and wife Joanna are buried in the same cemetery as two of James children, Alice Rogers and John Jones.

      5) James' son George (as proven in James' will) names his son James Crocker Jones, establishing that Crocker is very likely a family name.

      6) Crocker has a male living in his home in 1800 who would be the right age for James

      7) Crocker has a wife named Joanna. James has a daughter named Joanna

      8) Crocker has a wife named Lucy. James has a daughter named Lucy.

      9) Crocker has a daughter named Silva (a comparatively low frequency name).James also has a daughter named "Silva" strongly suggesting he may have named her after his sister.

      10) At least one known living descendant of James Jones has autosomal DNA that significantly matches another living descendant of James       Jones and three other individuals descended from both sets of grandparents of Crocker Jones (Matthew Jones/ Mercy Goodspeed and Samuel Crocker/Sarah Parker)


      Crocker Jones and his 1st wife, Lucy Utley (b-?, d-between 1793-1801, Plymouth Township. Luzerne Co, PA, m-Oct 22, 1773 Scotland, CT), had a son named James Jones.  James Jones (b about June 30, 1793, PA, D. May 17, 1854, Berkshire Township, Delaware Co, OH)  married Jane Rodgers (b-about Feb 24, 1795, PA and D-March 15, 1864 ?) but no information has been found. Their children were Reuben Jones (b.abt 1816), Rebecca Jones (b-Nov 4 1818), Joanna Jones (b. abt Feb 24, 1819), Lucy Jones (B Nov 4, 1821), Phebe Jones (b 1823), George Jones (b-Oct 11, 1824), Mary Jane Jones (b. March 11, 1825), John Jones (b. 1829), Silva Jones (b. about 1831), and Alice Jones (my ancestor b about 1832).


      Crocker Jones and his 2nd wife, Joanna (?) (b-about 1761-PA, D-Dec 17, 1835, Berkshire Township, Delaware Co, OH, buried-Berkshire Cemetery, Berkshire township, Delaware Co, OH)  had one daughter we know about named Sylva Jones (b-about 1802, D-Aug 16, 1864 - Berkshire Township, Delaware Co, OH, Buried-Galena Cemetery, Berkshire Township, Delaware Co, OH). Sylvia married David Landon (B-about 1772, NY, D-1867, buried - Galena Cemetery) on Nov 8, 1840, Berkshire Township, Delaware Co, OH.


      I believe I saw a land sale (a portion) from James to a well known Berkshire Township Family (can't remember the name and can't find the information anymore).  I am hoping there is a land sale, deed or something connecting Crocker to James.