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    Seeking my late Brother-in-Law's Army Buddy, Luis Ramos


      My late brother-in-law,  SPC Jack Brasington, was KIA in Vietnam in early 1968.  My sister, then Alma Brasington, received a number of letters from a unit member who had befriended my brother-in-law, Sgt. Luis A. Ramos.  His unit was Advisory Team 44 (GoUap38), although later he was transferred to 3/7th Engineers with the 199th. I have tried FamilySearch and Google but Luis A. Ramos is a fairly familiar name.  I do not know if he lived in New York or in Puerto Rico nor do I know his age.  He had to have been early to mid 20s so probably born between 1940 and 1950. We would like to know if we could contact him.  We won’t know if with this information, he could be tracked.