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    Where was Johanna Sweeney Graham in 1920?


      Johanna Sweeney (aka Anna or Annie) born in Ireland in 1880 (although she had a tendency to alter her year of birth), was living in Chicago, Illinois in 1930. She was widowed with two sons (Edward born 1912 and Frank born 1916). Her surname at this point was Graham. I cannot find evidence of her marriage (probably around 1911 as she returned from Ireland in 1910 still single), nor can I find her or her sons in 1920. One record from Frank suggests his father was called William Robert Graham born in Ireland but nothing else substantiates this. Census records place Anna (as she became known) in 1930 and 1940 in Chicago, both times with her son Frank, but I cannot find her after this point, nor her death. Again, census records state she arrived in 1903 and was naturalized (in truth she arrived in 1898 to Massachusetts but then moved to Chicago after 1900). Her sons were Frank (1916-1988) and Edward (1912-2007). Her parents were Michael and Nellie (Ellen). Any help to locate her or to add to her story would be gratefully received. Thank you.