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    Seeking land boundaries for farm in Kentucky

    Donna Travis Wayfarer

      Hello, I am searching for a farm and land owned by John Campbell in Perry County, Kentucky. He was my Great-Great-Grandfather and he handed down half of his land to his son-in-law and the other half to my Great Grandfather (J.G. Campbell) in the 1800s. The farm stayed in the family until the 1940s-1950s and was located somewhere between Krypton, Kentucky or Dunraven, Kentucky or Hazard, Kentucky. I have the land deeds, however, the notations for boundaries are noted by creeks, other homesteads/farms, landmarks such as trees and roads (some that no longer exist). I have reached a dead end and am wondering if there is a resource I am missing. I have tried all the conventional routes as well as the family documents. I am beginning to think I need to travel there if I ever want an idea of where the family farm used to be but thought I would check here first in case anyone has any ideas for me to search. Thank you for any help.