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    Seeking passenger list from China to San Francisco


      Hello, I'm afraid I have a complex request for assistance due to lack of information. My great-grandfather was a coolie who immigrated to Hong Kong, China from Callao, Peru in 1873. I read that many ships from China stopped in San Francisco during this long voyage to Peru. I wanted to find the passenger list for his ship docking in the port of San Francisco in 1873. Unfortunately, I do not have a ship name  or month of arrival. I also do not have my great-grandfather's Chinese name, which is what I assume is on the passenger list. All we have is the Spanish name he used while he lived in Peru (Federico Salinas). I do know he was approximately 14-years-old when he traveled, so I was hoping to track him down that way. Could someone advise me on how to find such a passenger list, or if there is another method I should explore? Thank you.