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    Seeking record of Pitman Paul's death


      Pitman Petroleum or (Peter) Raymond Paul seems to remain mysterious although he was only my great great grandfather, tracking him down has been difficult. As best I can tell he was born around 1829 and passed away in 1865. I have determined these dates from a record written in memorial of his eldest son Dr. Clarence Bentley Paul by the Homesteaders Life Company called "The Back Log" published upon C.B.'s death in 1909. This was a document received from my late Aunt, which I picked apart word for word, looking for clues to my ancestors lives.


      In this document it states that Pitman R. Paul was a jeweler from Scotland. I cannot find anything that ever shows he came from Scotland, but possibly New Scotland, Canada, or even a similar sounding town in Pennsylvania and made the great migration west in the early 1800's where he may have met his wife Mary Josephine Reed in Ohio, the daughter of the late S.G.A. Reed.  They were married May 9, 1860. Having two sons born in Columbia City Indiana.


      The Back Log states that little was known about Pitman (or Peter Petroleum, I'm really not sure what name to look for with him most of the time.) Here is that excerpt: "His father, Pitman Raymond Paul, was born in Edinborough, Scotland, coming to America in his young manhood, poor but determined. He learned the jewelry trade which was his occupation at his death when Doctor Paul was in his fourth year and his brother J.E. in his second."


      I believe it may be possible that Pitman enlisted in the military during the early years of the civil war, and perhaps the roll call was so hasty that his name sounded blended. So it went from Pittman Raymond Paul, shortened to Pitt R. Paul which could have been vocalized so quickly it would sound more like Peter Paul, and perhaps Peter was easier than Pittman or Petroleum to explain or spell or write, so he just went with it.


      But what baffles me the most is what happened to him? Where did he go? What did he die from, where, and how? Where is his memorabilia, photographs, or jewelry he made, or any sort of legacy more than this small article which has told me the very most about him? Did he die fighting for our country in the last year of the civil war? Was it a casualty injury of war, or natural causes? Any information that anyone could help me find to learn more about X2 great grandpa would be so greatly appreciated!!!!!