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    Seeking descendants of No Water/Star Comes Out/Starr/Star family


      Can anyone offer me any clues at all about the present-day descendants of the No Water family that was contemporaneous with Crazy Horse? I believe they are now known as Star Comes Out / Star / Starr. I am extremely keen to contact any of their Elders who are willing to share some of their family histories with me, for the research I am carrying out on their family.

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          Alice Lane Ranger

          Hi Chandra

          Found several items online and on the free site familysearch.org that may interest you.


          Click below for opinion article April 4, 2019 by Ivan Star Comes Out

          Ivan F. Star Comes Out can be reached at P.O. Box 147, Oglala, South Dakota, 57764; via phone at 605-867-2448 or via email at mato_nasula2@outlook.com.

          Pine Ridge Reservation


          Click below for article about the life of Henry Starr


          Click census below for Thomas Nowater familyq




          Black Buffalo Woman

          Black Buffalo Woman was Crazy Horse’s first love. They met in 1857, but she married a man named No Water while Crazy Horse was on a raid.Crazy Horse continued to pay her attention and in 1868 eloped with her while No Water was on a hunting party.He and Black Buffalo Woman spent one night together before No Water took back his wife, shooting Crazy Horse in the nose and breaking his jaw.Despite fears of violence between villages, the two men came to a truce. Crazy Horse insisted that Black Buffalo Woman shouldn’t be punished for fleeing and received a horse from No Water in compensation for the injury. Crazy Horse eventually married Black Shawl, who died of tuberculosis, and later a half-Cheyenne, half-French woman named Nellie Larrabee. Black Buffalo Woman’s fourth child, a girl, was a light-skinned baby suspected of being the result of her night with Crazy Horse.
          Alice Lane
          Research Volunteer
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              Hi Alice,

              You are a REAL star! Thank you so much for this. Yes, I have that email address for Ivan Star Comes Out, and have sent him two emails. Sadly, he has not responded to either. I guess he is not willing to help in this research. The Henry Star in that article is a Cherokee bank robber and therefore not relevant to us.

              I was hugely excited to find a Death record for Black Shawl. The age and dates seem to match, though it puts her at the Cheyenne River Reservation rather than either Pine Ridge or Rosebud. Is there any way I could find more information on this particular person?

              Incidentally, that article on Black Buffalo Woman is slightly incorrect in that there is no reliable evidence that Crazy Horse actually married Nellie Larrabee. Most likely, she just lived with him, as a sort of mistress and spy for the Army.


              Alice, you have been such a huge help to me, I wonder if you would be interested in collaborating with me on this project. There is no remuneration, as it is personal research and not supported by any grant/organization, and it is quite possible that nothing will come out of it. However, on the off chance that we are able to unearth something new and interesting about either woman, I plan to write another book, and would be happy to involve you, should you be interested.

              Best regards,


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              Cara Jensen Tracker

              Dear Ms. Lahiri,


              Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


              For current information about the descendants of the No Water family, we suggest that you contact the family or search local newspaper archives.  Check for access at your local library as many library systems subscribe to these newspaper sites, making them free for their patrons.

              We also suggest contacting the Oglala Lakota Nation to inquire about the family.


              We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!