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        Henry Rosenberg Tracker

        Welcome Pete. This is a great project and I'm sure LOC will be happy to have your input. FYI, I was one of the first Vietnam era people to get a high draft number but not be drafted. I was draft eligible the last 2 years of the draft but they ended it before I could ger drafted. My # was in the 40's. I guess we were on opposite sides of the same fence. Thank you for your service.


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          Lauren Algee Scout

          Hi Peter!


          Welcome!  Jumping in to respond to your interest in AI.  Automated transcription software is known in the field as HTR (Handwriting Text Recognition).  We don't use it yet for a number of reasons, including the desire to engage the public with our collections to democratize the creation of knowledge, as well as HTR technical limitations.  Currently a very large training data set of a consistent hand is required to get a high level of accuracy for a specific writer, which we don't have yet.  But it's possible that the volunteer-generated transcriptions you're making today could help train handwriting transcription software for us in the future!


          The Library is beginning to experiment with machine learning to enhance our collections in a few ways -- here are two examples: https://blogs.loc.gov/thesignal/2020/05/innovator-ben-lee-and-lc-labs-host-data-jam-with-100-million-historic-newspaper-…




          Lauren (BTP Community Manager)

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            Phillip Bussey Newbie

            Hi All,


            It looks like I might be a few years late to this party, but my background is that I'm an Annapolis resident, recently retired, and I've had an interest in archived material of many kinds, particularly military history, for many years. I've followed the interest since retirement to the point where I now write a weekly commo on the topic that goes to a limited audience, with the topics based in part on my own research.


            My background in research includes a Ph.D. from the U of MD in one of the behavioral sciences, done at the same time I was working, so with regret I never got to meet any of the really great historians who were at the U. of MD while I was there. I did, though, learn what it took to do good research, a skill that certainly generalizes between professions, just as usable in one field as another if supplemented by a little study.


            I had a great chum, a national expert on maps and similar things, who introduced me to what a wonderful resource the LOC was and what one could do with its information.


            On a different level I was interested to see information on the Harris & Ewing photo collection, a company which I know of from another hobby, photography, and a group which took a few great photos of my children before they eventually closed up. It's great to hear that their collection of images and negatives were preserved.


            That's it!  Feel free to let me know if I can help any of 'you all' out on your projects if it's close to my areas of interest. I can be reached at philbussey@mac.com.





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              Sharon McKinley Adventurer


                How could you be late? This only started 2 years ago, with a very limited set of collections. They keep adding new ones. And who knows, you may find yourself interested in women's suffrage, or Teddy Roosevelt, or or or. These collections are absolutely fascinating. And if they're not--you don't have to do them! Go check them out. Try somethhing new and see!!


              Sharon McKinley

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                Henry Rosenberg Tracker

                Hi Phil- I have been doing this from the beginning but you know what? There is so much to do and will be much to do for years to come. At some point you will be one of the"old" guys.

                Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy it. BTW, I originally wanted to work on "Letters to Lincoln" but it was so poular I decided to find other areas. I chose Mary Church Terrell who I had never heard of but worked on her work until there was nothing left to do. Currently, I am working in Anna Dickinson,again, someone I never heard of. I like deciphering handwriting which I find younger people have trouble with so that may be an area you can help with. In any event, I hope you pick something, dive in and enjoy.


                Best wishes,


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                  Ann Thiel Newbie

                  I was a volunteer transcriber for the Boston Public Library (via Zooinverse). I transcribed 1309 Anti-slavery Manuscripts from the 1840s - 1870s during my 18 months as a volunteer. This project was completed on August 12, 2020, and I was looking for another transcription project. After some searching, I found History Hub and the Library of Congress "By the People Campaigns". I'm so glad I did! I've decided to transcribe "Suffrage: Women Fight for the Vote" as it is a wonderful  transition from the Anti-slavery Manuscripts. Women suffragists were involved in the Anti-slavery movement, so their names are quite familiar to me, and I transcribed some of their manuscripts. My work on the Anti-slavery Manuscripts provides me with a familiarity of that period in history which I believe will greatly enhance my efforts in transcribing Women's Suffrage manuscripts. Thank you for the opportunity! 

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                    Henry Rosenberg Tracker

                    Welcome Ann- I'm sure your experience will be invaluable. If you have any tips, please post them. Depending on which you prefer,typewritten or handwritten pages, I'm sure you will find plenty to do.


                    Best wishes,


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