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    Seeking land grants of Henry Sage


      I have several documents for Henry Sage regarding land grants and deeds in Mississippi, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin and Connecticut during the 1800s.  Are they available as a public record? If so, where?


      I am wondering if anyone is interested  in these types of Land patents   This one has been in my storage unit and Id like to either sell or donate. I have done extensive searches on Anderson or Henderson Wall and cannot find anything?  Can anyone help?

      Henry Sage Land deedHenry Sage land deed

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          Alice Lane Pioneer

          Hi Dawn,

          Welcome to History Hub,


          You would need to contact the county in the state where each transaction took place.

          You can find the county offices by searching online, for instance, Wayne County, Mississippi can by found by clicking on the following link.  http://www.waynecounty.ms/contact/ ..you will find a form there to fill out.


          I found information about Henry Sage and John McGraw

          Henry William Sage (1814-1897) was one of Cornell University most generous benefactors. Like Ezra Cornell,and John McGraw, William Sage lacked formal college education. As a young man he aspired to attend Yale College...more informaiton at the followin link   https://digital.library.cornell.edu/catalog/ss:51416


          The following will take you to the Henry Sage collection at Cornell University



          Hope this helps.

          Alice Lane

          Research Volunteer

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            Susannah Brooks Pioneer

            Go to the Bureau of Land Management General Land office website https://glorecords.blm.gov/search/default.aspx

            Enter his name and Michigan.  There are many documents in 2 or 3 counties were he was obtaining land either alone or with others.  I did not check each one, but most seem to be script warrant lands (he purchased someone's warrant for land that they obtained for service in the US military sometime before the Civil War) or cash sale of land from the federal government.

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                Thank you Alice,


                I have researched and read the autobiography on Henry W. Sage.  I have  10-20 of the military deeds you speak of, all from the 1800’s. 


                After reaching out to The Cornell University research library, I understand now the breadth and scope of Henry W. Sage and John Mcgraw.   The University said two of the lands were part of a contribution to the University of Vermont, a few on many that were donated.


                There is a total of 80 documents and they have been sitting in my storage unit.   I will continue to post on here as I research each deed.  Currently, I am working on Private Thomas Smith who was a part of Captain Graysons militia, South Carolina in the War of 1812.   His wife, Catherine, deeded over to Henry Sage, 80 acres in the State of Wisconsin.  Interesting but tiring research!


                Thank you for your input.

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                  Thank  you for your input, I have utilized the website you suggested.  Some names come up, others dont.  And for the Mississippi research, he amassed 2100 acres “East of the Island” of New Orleans, with 7 different land deeds.  As for the military deeds, I have 24 of those.  As I do the research, I will post deeds that I cannot trace.


                  I really dont want to sell or donate these individually if the end result was a property of significance.


                  once again, thank you for your help.