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    Questions about wedding record from Carter County, Tennessee


      We have a wedding record of Carter County, Tennessee dated 22 December 1837. The white groom paid Newton Cannon, the governor, $1250 not to object to the marriage to the bride. The bride has an Indian last name and is supposed to be my 3 times great grandma. This is right before the Trail of Tears. Is it because if she wasn't married to a white man, they could take her land that she might have owned? If an Indian women married a white man, was she exempt from the Trail of Tears and this was a bribe? It has always been a family mystery. She lived her life in Tennessee and did not go to Oklahoma.

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          The Federal Government does not ordinarily create or maintain birth, death, marriage or divorce records. Such records are made and kept by State and local governments rather than the National Archives.  We cannot speculate as to the motivation surrounding documented events.


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