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    Seeking Records on Ida Gary/Bear Doctor


      I'm researching the Brule Sioux side of my family and am looking for more information on one person in particular: Ida Gary, my great-great grandmother, born around 1870. That's her married name; she also appears as Ida Bear Doctor in some of the records I've come across.


      I can't find records on Ida any earlier than the 1895 Indian Census Rolls and would very much like to learn anything I can about her and her family. Any help finding enrollment records, land allotment records, educational records, etc. would be very much appreciated. I'm a novice and am honestly pretty lost in knowing where to start with the Bureau of Indian Affairs archives.


      If it helps at all, here is some additional information on Ida Gary/Bear Doctor:


      • Her daughter, Ida Cooley, was born on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in 1887, according to most records.
      • Although she was married to a half Sioux man named Henry Gary in the 1895 Indian Census, her daughter Ida's father appears to have been a white man named Charles C. Cooley.
      • Ida Cooley was adopted by the time she was 7 by Frederick and Martha Sidner, a white family in Terry, SD. At that time she was re-named Maude Sidner. She later changed her name to Maude Eckland when she married.
      • Maude handed down a land allotment which my family only sold back a few years ago. Although I can't seem to locate it now, a couple of years ago I seem to remember seeing a land allotment map for Ida Gary as well.


      Thank you all for any direction you can provide.