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    Seeking records of Shawnee Indian Captain Nan-hom-ga-we


      Shawnee Indian Captain Nan-hom-ga-we -- From 1800-1850 the parents of Thomas A Captain of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma had the names as shown in this list. My father now 80 years of age told me that his grandfather was told by his dad... that we got the name Captain from helping the white man lost in the woods and they changed the name at that time..  I believe someplace in a story, letter, or manuscript is a story that only you the reader knowing what i just said would be able to find over time. some hidden story of one or more Indians in Ohio, or Kentucky helping the white man lost... and it would say like that's why we Gave that Indian his new title .... then from that point forward that Indian for the book might disappear as an Indian and now show up wrong as a Captain. one or more of the The Indians names Captain or one who is part of the Tribes might be the lost fact I’m seeking. if anyone reads books on Indians or can help look it would be a historical change possibly in what we think is the case...


      i read many stories my writers of today talking about Chief Logan, captain Logan. even spelled other ways like Capittan, Captian Pike, Captain Jonny,

      Captain Jack, Captain Shane, captain will (Daniel Boone connection), Jacobs Captain, Captain Jack.1872, Catahecassa Captain (with cornstock)


      Spellings  of Thomas Captain parents and the period of change -- MUT-TA-WA-SEE. 1885 census lists a women age 30 named H0-Gom-Me (is this the same person ?), Mother of Thomas Captain (B1850), Ma-Ta-Wa-SE or MA-TA-HAW-E-SEEC (Book ESTO)


      (As written)     36 Mut Ta wa see Captain 50 (from some census no date the 36 is number on page and 50 is age), Father of Thomas Captain (Who was B1850), WA-A-Tao-GU-MA (book ESTO), wAh-tah-wah-see (hardship card of Thomas), Nau-ha-gom-me (hardship card Thomas), Nan-Ho-Gom-We (Ancestory.com), Na-HoM-Ga-Seec. (Book ESTO). mAt to was se captain died 2-77 (might say 2-79 ?) (was in census no date) (Thomas Captain in census was 28 years old)

      NOTE: one article named Tomas Logan as Chief and said we did not get paid for the land (same thing told to me by my father)

      NOTE:     Name:     Me the Ta Sha      is a name linked to Tecumseh (family of) the spelling might link the family >??

      Father of Thomas Captain d-1920 -- Nan-Ho-Gom-We tribe book, NanHoGomWe  Tribe Book, Non-Ho-Gom-Wee - Census spelling, NonHoGomWee  Tribe book; Nau Ha Gom we; Maw-tah-wah-see    (On google); Ma-Ta-haw-e-see; Ma-tah-wah-se; Sapa-Ta-wa-se on Flint 95056? (the hardship card);

      Ms. Ma Tah Wah see Ancestory.com; Mr. Nan Ho Gom We ancestry.com; Nan-Ho-Gom-we; Ma Ta wa e seec; Ma-Ta_wa_e_se


      These are the spellings found and seeking more spellings of same names; seeking any allotment details heirs of any allotments of Ohio 1-88; seeking any photos of shawnee Indians Ohio; seeking any facts related to Captain Thomas and parents.