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    Looking for Benny Camaroto who was found dead in Spokane


      Hi, I'm looking for info about a brother of my grandfather dead in Spokane in 1911, 23 yr: he was at first not identified and then identified as Benny Camaroto (his real name was Benedetto Cammarata). There was the suspect he had been shooted, but then his death has been classified as suicide. I've found some newspaper articles about him in Spokane newspapers of that time. The news of his death reached relatives in Italy only in 1916, but for all of his life my grandfather believed his brother was lost with no news. I've just found the death and burial records, and also the immigration record (via Nave San Giorgio in New York in 1909), but would like to know more about him in the US. His death records were translated by another brother, Salvatore, who migrated in the US and lived in New York and then in Torrington. How can I find something more about them? Thank you