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    Seeking names of nurses who served on USS Mongolia

    Alessandra Ciampi Wayfarer

      I am searching the names of the nurses who served on the USS Mongolia along with Clara Ayres, Helen Burnett Wood and Emma Matzen. I have an old photo who was given to me by my friend's grandmother and it lists the last names of some of the women, but it's ruined and I  would like to know if there is a list or something with the names of them. The last names I can identify are: Pawlisch, Wilson, Appelgren, Fechler, Van Wirklo, Lambert, Huckleberry, Pfaff, Hampton and few others but others are really to difficult for me to read. I have also an article about one of the nurses Miss Ethel McMillan "romance" with one of the captains. Also I am not a US citizen and nor I have the ability to travel. One of the other photos I have is this one:

      But I don't remember where I got it from.Group