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    Who was General Charles Julian De Longchamps interpreter?


      I'm searching for the name of General de Longchamps interpreter. How long did he serve? Where is the evidence? The Revolutionary War time period. Found the following information in the book, "New York in the Revolution: Prepared Under the Direction of the Board of Regents" Berthold Fernow, Editor published in Albany in 1887. Nideau, Basil, priv., enl'd "75, near Montreal, enl'd for the war at Albany in Capt. Oliver, Col. M. Hazen's, served as Sergt., 6 yrs, 11 m. of which as interpreter with Gen'l De Longchamps. A. P. 23-247. Champlain, Clinton Co.


      What does A. P. 23-247 stand for?


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