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    Seeking "Everything for the Boys" radio broadcast



      I am reaching out t in the hopes of getting information about an “Everything for the Boys” NBC October 9, 1945 radio broadcast involving a three-way hookup between Berlin, Tokyo and Hollywood, with hosts Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest interviewing a U.S. serviceman in Tokyo (Army Sergeant Aubrey Johnson, Benton Harbor, MI) and a U.S. serviceman in Berlin (Army Private Sidney Aronson, Brooklyn, NY). They were interviewed about their impressions and recollections about the end of the war.


      WMAQ in Chicago was one of the radio stations that carried the broadcast. In 1945, WMAQ was owned by NBC. WHO radio station in Des Moines, Iowa also carried the broadcast on Oct 9. If possible, I would like to hear the broadcast and if possible, obtain/purchase a digital copy of the recording of the broadcast.

      The reason I am asking, is that there is a restoration of the Pearl Harbor Ford Island Control Tower going on and as part of that, we will have a WWII exhibit featuring some of those who served in the Pacific during the war, such as Aubrey Johnson, and will be featured in our exhibit. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.