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    Were marriages common between whites and Native Americans?


      Hi, I'm hoping someone has information that can help me. I have been working on my tree for years, and have been stuck on my fourth and fifth great grandfathers for most of that time.


      My third great grandfather was born in 1837 in Monroe, Tennessee. I have continuous records of their time in Tennessee until 1850. Then, in 1854, I have a record of them being in Missouri. My fourth great grandfather and his siblings have pretty unique names, so I am pretty certain that the records I have found are correct (James Knox Polk Cook, Christopher Columbus Cook, Missouri Alice Cook, George Washington Cook). The census records list their father as being George Cook, and their mother as being some variation of Christina or Christiana, but I have never been able to find any information on who she may have been, what her maiden name was, or who her parents were (death records say "unknown").  I have not been able to find much of anything on their father, either. I only know that his father's name was John Cook, his mother was potentially Rebecca (or Arabecca, have seen both) and that he was potentially from the Pennsylvania area.


      My grandfather always said that he was told that we were part Native American, I believe Cherokee. I have looked through Native American records, but without a surname for "Christina", it is fruitless. How common were marriages between whites and Native Americans during this period? Is there any resource or record compilation that is recommended? Thank you in advance for your help. I just found this website, and am hoping someone can help me find answers to this.