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    Best Practice Questions




      I'm pretty new to transcribing and I read the help section but still had a few questions (especially when reviewing) and wanted to know how everyone was handling it and maybe how the LOC officially wants it done with the Herencia project (and in general.)


      Line Breaks:  I break the lines like the pages and don't continue the same sentence in the writer   So if the document has:


      Here comes Sam.  He

      is neat.                        


      I'm typing it exactly like that.  I see documents like that and then some typing "Here comes Sam. He is neat."


      What is preferred?


      Second question: if a word is broken up on two lines,   Sub- - mission,  I'm typing the whole word on the line that has the most letters. 

      What is the preferred option here?    I see some transcribed documents doing both, and I want to make sure I'm editing those in the proper way.


      Thanks so much!

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          Hi Robert McKinnon,


          Thank you for your contributions to By the People!


          You should preserve line breaks as they appear, as you have been doing, to make it easier for another volunteer to review.


          For words that are broken over two lines, type the word on the first line it appears.


          I hope this helps, and please feel free to ask additional questions!



          Reference Staff

          Manuscript Division

          Library of Congress