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    Mary Church Terrell Transcribers

    Henry Rosenberg Navigator

      Hi everybody. I have been transcribing Mary Church Terrell for about a year and a half and have gotten pretty good at reading her handwriting. As I have been reviewing I have noticed many struggle with her script.


      For anybody who is interested, I would be glad to help with any pages you have trouble with. You can post them here, in this thread. At the beginning I had trouble too until I had done it a month and learned that:

      1. she doesn't always cross her "t's"

      2. her m,w,in and un are sometimes interchangeable

      3. she uses jargon that we no longer routinely use

      4. she is an excellent speller and what we misread is not alternative spelling for the most part. Of course, occasionally she mispels a word by leaving out a letter or reversing e and i.


      I would like people to see what the correct words are so they can learn them when they tackle the next page.

      If you post a page, let me know if you want me to also leave the original so you can see what you had trouble with and can compare it to what I have transcribed. Then as you review it, delete the original transcription and save and submit. Send it back to me and I will then approve it.


      As I said this will serve 2 purposes, you will learn her handwriting faster and we can get more pages approved faster.


      Finally, I am a fellow volunteer and not staff.


      Thanks for listening and I hope this is a helpful resource,