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    Seeking reason for Marshall sale of Female Academy Lot in Williamston, SC


      This is a clipping in the Anderson Intelligencer News Paper  date 1870 where a lot is being sold of a Female Academy ,  The place of the sale is Anderson, SC Court House..This is a U.S. MARSHAL sale --the United States of America South Carolina District where the property LOT TWO ONLY -- is to be sold at the Anderson County Court House, in now Anderson County, SC  on the 3rd day of January 1870.  We are doing history research of the Historic Town of Williamston SC dating back to 1842, and the information as to why the Academy was sold could give us the key to our research and tie the ends of an unknown.  This is my first request using this source, but I find it interesting and fascinating, and hopefully, you folks can help me with my question.. I just need the information as to why the property was sold, with the information that was in support of it happening... and to whom it was sold..  I really need this information it holds the key to all of our research..  The image is a newspaper clipping of the Anderson INTELLIGENCER DATED December 30, 1869.