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    Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library in... Mississippi??

      To me at least, this is FASCINATING... When I was researching tagging for photos of U.S. Grant I realized that his Presidential library is in Mississippi where he NEVER lived!
      On his Presidential Library web site I found this "Official" reason as to why Mississippi  wound up with his collection:



      "Why were the papers transferred to Mississippi State University from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale?

      The story of why the Grant Association Board of Directors made this decision is not available to the public since litigation was involved"


      So we have a Presidential Library in a state where a President NEVER lived, (unless we include his time spent with his troops as they sacked Vicksburg etc.)  and where he was no doubt HATED,  for reasons "Unavailable to the public"..


      Did somebody in Chicago or NY drop the ball on this??