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    Seeking Radio Broadcast of Train Carrying FDR's Body from Warm Springs

    Allen Gray Wayfarer

      On April 13, 1975, I lived in Silver Spring, Maryland.  On that day, 30 years earlier, a special funeral train carried Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s body north from Warm Springs, Georgia to Washington, D.C.


      It was a sunny spring morning as I sat down to look at the Sunday Washington Post and enjoy a cup of coffee – no lattes in those days.  I turned on the radio and heard what seemed to be a live broadcast of the movement of a special funeral train moving north towards D.C.  “What is all that about?” was my reaction.  My first thought was that it had to do with the Vietnam War which was rapidly winding down with ever more tragedy.  Within a few moments, though, I realized that the minute-by-minute movement of FDR’s body from Warm Springs to Washington was being broadcast.  To listen throughout the day to what was going on as his funeral train was slowly moving toward Washington was an incredibly moving experience.


      Somewhere in the dim recesses of the Internet, I think there has to be a recording of the PBS broadcast from April 13, 1975.  It speaks to me of a world that no longer exists and will never again exist.  I want to experience it again.  I am writing today to ask if you have ever heard the 1975 broadcast and to ask that you help me find it if you can.