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    Seeking information about dependent on Civil War pension application


      Seeking information about a dependent pension application of John M H Morris (Company H, First Kentucky Cavaliers) on the invalid account of William H Ford, 21st Mass Infantry, Company F.


      I do not know who this John M H Morris might be, or how a man with a different surname could be claiming to be a dependent of another man from a different state.  He is obviously not a widow and there are no dates on this card.


      William Ford's pension certification number is 290875, and he received a small pension for being shot in the left leg toward the end of the civil war in Kentucky, but there is no certificate number for Morris on the index card, only the name of the certifying officer in the 57th Mass Inf, Company K.  I don't know how or where to research this.  Knowledgeable guidance would be greatly appreciated.


      Index card showing the name John M H Morris of the First Kentucky Cavaliers Company H listed as a dependent of William H Ford of the 21st Massachusetts Infantry Company F

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          Hi, Ms. Ireland!


          The Pension Office put pension files into one of four categories depending on the status of the claim: Invalid [Soldier] Original; Invalid [Soldier] Certificate; Dependent Original; and Dependent Certificate. Files were also sometimes moved from one category to another, at which point the file was given a new number.


          When a veteran applied for a pension, his file was given a Soldier's Original number. When his application was approved, his file was then given a different Soldier's Certificate number. When he died and his dependent applied, the file was given a different Dependent Original number, and then when the dependent's application was approved, their file was given a Dependent Certificate number. So the file relating to a particular soldier could have four different numbers associated with it. These numbers actually have no relation to each other, they were just assigned in order as the pension office worked on these files.


          The index card that we're looking at here is part of the Pension Numerical Index, and helps you when you have a pension number but don't know which category it belongs to. It tells us that when William H. Ford applied for a pension, his file was given the number Soldier's Original 290875, and also that his application was approved and given another number: Soldier's Certificate 203629. Ford's pension is most likely filed with the rest of the Soldier's Certificates, under number 203629.


          This card also tells us that Webster Bradley's file is filed under Soldier's Certificate 290875; John Morris's file is filed under Dependent's Original 290875; and William Pike's file is filed under Dependent's Certificate 290875.


          John Morris has no connection with William Ford beyond this index card.


          I hope this helps! It's a confusing system and someone else may be able to explain it better. Mostly what you need to know is that if you're requesting this file, you're looking for Soldier's Certificate 203629.

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