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    Transcribe with Abe:  A presidential challenge!

    Lauren Algee Scout

      The following is a post by Library of Congress Manuscript Division's Civil War Specialist Michelle Krowl.


      When President Abraham Lincoln (in the form of George Buss of Illinois) recently visited the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress, Civil War specialist Michelle Krowl put him to work reviewing transcriptions in the “Letters to Lincoln” campaign, part of the Library’s By the People crowdsourcing project. Lincoln did his part, and now you can too!


      Civil War Specialist Michelle Krowl shows off Letters to Lincoln crowdsourcing campaign to Lincoln interpreter George Buss.  Photo by Shawn Miller.


      To commemorate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and Presidents’ Week, the By the People team has issued a challenge to the public: finish the 420 pages needing review in the 1865-1889 group between February 12 and February 21. The sooner this section is completed, the sooner these transcriptions can be made available for keyword searching, reading, and downloading through the online Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress.


      With every page you review, you contribute to the accessibility of Abraham Lincoln’s papers, and get a glimpse into Lincoln’s world by reading his mail.


      Learn how to review and then jump in here!


      Challenge start - Feb. 12, 2020

      Pages in review - 420


      Update! Feb. 14, 2020

      Pages left in review - 130

      Pages left in progress - 30


      As always, you've jumped in and made amazing progress!  If we finish 1865 early, our next goal will be completing all of 1860!