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    Seeking records of USS Taulog and HIJMS I-28


      I can say that this research is almost my first experience. There was a lot of uncertainty about how to look up, where to look up, and how to consider search words that might hit. Here is the information I wanted to know most.


      Tautog attacked the I-28 at 1101(LWT).  The third torpedo from Tautog says "Completed destruction."  I don't think it means "smashed into pieces." Even if the submarine is attacked, it may not be easily broken, but the record says  "Completed Destruction", so I think that it made a terrible sound or sunk vigorously.  If so, is the "Six Distance Detonations" heard at 1525 (LWT) considered to be an I-28 underwater explosion? For 6 times? Or is this explosion in another northern area, unrelated to Tautog or the I-28?   Can a submarine be existed around four hours from being torpedoed to sinking and exploding underwater?  Now I am searching the list of Shipwrecks in 17 May 1942 in the area of South Truk Island.  What I hope is, the crews and the Officers were still alive on the submarine between the time the I-28 began to sink and the time it was completely destroyed.   I would like to know the detail of the sounds of depth charges in the northward at 1525 (LWT).