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    cancelled land entry record Umatilla County, Oregon?


      I am seeking Land Entry application record (and cancellation/rejection of same) for our family ancestor.  Land located in Umatilla County, Oregon circa 1885.  Surname Koskela.   I don't have a legal description of the land.  Did not find any record in my GLO search.   Any guidance appreciated.

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          Without knowing exactly where your ancestor was living it is difficult to find the Land Entry records, as you have discovered.  My suggestion would be to start with the Umatilla County Archives or Public Library.   You really need to get a handle on where your family members might have been.  The county archives or library might have newspapers or tax records that could at least give you a town name, or nearest town name.  From there you could at least narrow it down to the legal land description, townships and ranges.  You would then need to contact the National Archives in Seattle, Seattle.Archives@nara.gov, to see if they have the corresponding tract books for that region.  Because your family did not patent the land they would not be listed on the GLO website.   You will most likely have to go to Seattle to look through the tract books yourself.

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