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    Seeking ship movement records & deck logs of USS Dynamic (MSO-432)


      I would like copies of USS Dynamic ships movement records and deck logs. Please forward information about ship's movement for the USS Dynamic (MSO-432) from February 9, 1969 to October, 1969. I wish to show where my ship went, all ports, but especially when we entered Da Nang Harbor in South Vietnam and how long we were on Market Time Patrol at Cua Viet,  I believe I have spelled that correctly, near the DMZ.


      The dates of arrival at Cua Viet are essential, and our departure date. We were experiencing difficulties with our reduction gears and so had to re-locate to Subic Bay in the Philippines. We then returned to Area 1 near the DMZ. Our mission was to thwart the infiltration of weapons into North Vietnam. Aboard ship was Captain W.R. Pressler and his Executive Officer, J.J. Gildea, I believe his name was. My name is Nicholas Campbell. My full name during enlistment was Harry Nicholas George Campbell. My billet number was B85-43-12. Such numbers are no longer used. Thank you for your help.