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    Seeking ultimate fate of captured Japanese midget submarine, HA-55


      According to a War Diary from COMSERON 12, this 80-foot sub was raised by "work parties" from 60-feet of water in Tanapag Harbor, Saipan on/about August 16, 1944.  Furthermore, the War Diary mentions in the Narrative of the Day (August 16) that the sub was turned over to ISCOM Saipan for inspection and beached near an oil dock.  I checked the log books and war diaries of SERVON 12 salvage vessels, specifically the USS Clamp (ARS-33), USS Gear (ARS-34), and USS Grapple (ARS-7), and found no mention of the sub.


      According to an index file onsite at NARA, College Park, the USS Holland (AS-3) inspected a captured midget submarine on August 15, 1944.  Again, no mention of the sub is found in the Holland's war diary or log book, I have no evidence the Holland inspected the HA-55, however the dates and location are too close to ignore.  Tracking down HA-55's inspection report would be a step in the right direction, however the ultimate resting place of the sub (I have reason to believe it was re-sunk) is my goal.